Monday, September 12, 2011

Almost ready to submit LOI

We spent the morning at the doctor's office today. I know, no big deal...and it wasn't...except we do it with 7 young children :) So I spent a few hours there...getting a physical for the adoption. TB test, bloodwork and all the normal stuff. Then Dean went in for his. So 9am - 12:30 we were there.

The good news we are almost ready to submit the LOI to China! Did criminal background checks today so we are just waiting on the blood work to come back as well as get a neighbor to snap a family pic and Dean to get a passport photo taken. Then we wait! (Well actually after talking to Amanda today I'll probably go ahead and get started on other things to save us time later).

At the lab this morning, Zion said "mama do you know we have 7 kids and soon we'll have 8?" I smiled then he said "little Zhonghua makes 8...I cannot WAIT!!!" :)

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