Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And we wait!

LOI is being submitted to CHINA! Our doctor called us at 8am this morning saying the file was ready. Dean picked it up...there were a few things missing, thankfully we caught it b/c we are told it wouldn't have been accepted. (Our doctor had to fix it now THREE times...as he kept referring to Dean as HER in the letter. Seriously. THREE times :) Now it's sent to the agency and we are praying for a quick PA! Baby Zhonghua...we are coming!

Oh...and I joined a yahoo group for the orphanage where Zhonghua is and I found a lady that is traveling there in December for her child. She said she would LOVE to take gifts to Zhonghua and take photos of him for us! Most importantly she said she'd be honored to pray over our little boy. How awesome is that??

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