Friday, September 30, 2011

Fundraiser FAQ's

I've received several emails and messages today regarding this fundraiser raffle that we are doing...with people being confused as to how it works, how to support etc. I thought I'd just write it here since I'm sure others have the same questions.

Ok along our adoption journey we will be doing several fundraisers. Many of them will be local (yard sales, bake sales etc) so we decided to do a fundraiser that people all over can participate in, if they wish.

This raffle that ends tomorrow is a raffle where each ticket costs $10. You can buy 1 or however many you like. Each ticket you purchase puts your name into the bucket. So if you purchase 3 tickets for $30 your name goes into the drawing 3 times. 100% of the money raised from this raffle goes to help our family bring our 2 precious boys home from China. The total amount needed is $40,000-43,000. Yes thats enormous. But so is God. :) So we are trusting Him 100%. Along the way we will do what we can in the form of fundraising but at the end of the day...we are obviously going to need Divine help to raise $40,000 in 9 months or so.

With this raffle...tomorrow at 3pm PST we will do a drawing with our family. The first name that we draw wins an Apple iPad2. (what a great Christmas gift!!). The second name we draw will win a $200 Target gift card ($200 gift card to store of your choice for Canadians).

You may pay either by cash (locally), check, or money order, or Paypal to

If you are paying by check or money order please either email me at or message me on facebook letting me know how many tickets you are purchasing since the drawing will occur before your payment arrives.

Our address is Dean & Janice Walker
4916 Malaga Drive
Pasco WA

You can also pay by email transfer for Canadians if you email payment to my mom at and she will forward it to me via Paypal.

I hope this clears up the questions. Feel free to email me with any more questions :)

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