Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last night. The night before the day.

Ahhh finally Monday night. Meaning finally Tuesday is around the corner and we are ready for it.

I went out and played soccer with Zion, Azlan, Zunduka, Chazano and Tirzah. Ok I really played soccer. They gave me no breaks and well...they are 5 and 6 and I'm not. When we were done (err I was done) I was really done. I went up to Zion and said "do you dare me to jump in the pool?" His eyes got huge. You have to know Zion. I could tell this would be a memory that would last FOREVER if his mommy jumped in the pool at 7:30 at night with all my clothes on. He nodded without saying a word, his eyes the size of quarters. I didn't hesitate I just went for it. The squeals and screams and faces...I won't forget. :) One by one they joined me screaming with delight. Still looking at me like "is this for real...Mommy is letting us jump in with all our clothes on>...?" (that IS an extra load of laundry...;) It was funny to see mr.cautious and particular leave his shirt on but go change into his swimsuit .. Zunduka ;)

We came and I'm getting them all ready for bed. hearing the voices was the cutest thing ever. "Can you believe Mama did that?" ... "that was the best night ever" "I didn't think she was really going to do it, did you?" :)

At bed time the boys wanted to pray for Zhong Hua. This is the little boy. They had seen his file on my computer and asked about him. In the photos he has an open cleft lip and we have educated our children on this since Azlan was born with it. It was precious watching them look at the photos and see their reaction. When I told them he was left in a shoe box on the steps of a building as a new new baby...I seriously thought Zion was going to cry. I said he has a tummy mommy but she left him. Seriously it was quite a moment watching them process and then say "but Azlan was born like that and we never left him". So at bedtime they wanted to pray for him. So I did. I couldn't even get words out. I felt so much emotion. All I prayed is that in his little heart you would give him the peace of knowing he is sooo loved. That You've seen him from the first moment he opened his eyes and You've never rejected him. When we were done, Zunduka put his hands behind his head (you'd have to know Duka this is such a him thing to do) and flopped back on his pillow and said "I know what he needs mama" and I said "who needs?" he said "the little boy in China..." I said "oh...what does he need?" He looked up at me...took a huge sigh in Duka-fashion and said "he needs us. He needs us Mama". I kissed them all and walked out.

Zion was sleeping with Azahria so I went in to them and prayed. Zion said very pointedly "mama lets adopt him" I said "Zion thats really sweet that you care for him like that, why don't you pray about it and ask God if we should" he looked at me without hesitation and said "oh no Mama God has already said 'yes'" .. huh?? I said "Really...?" he said "yes because He loves all the childs (thats how he said it...not children...childs...) so much. He loves him. I know He wants us to adopt him." I kissed him too and turned off the light.

In Dean's OY Bible reading yesterday he told me he read somethings that really applied to my whole "I wish I could see" aka "wish I didn't have to go by faith" :)...
2 Corinthians 4: 18
So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

Ok looking back over the last 9 days...when we would talk and challenge the notion of if God would really ask us to move so fast. Oh He took those quiet whispers and subtle hints and turned them into a voice so loud we'd be deaf not to hear Him. ...

He's up to something bigger than me (us)...

It feels like chaos...yet somehow there's Peace...

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