Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Next Step.

So the next step is homestudy. I'm supposed to be getting a call today to get that started.

We are working on our big yardsale for this Saturday. The kids are SO excited. Mainly b/c they know their Mama doesn't like doing yardsales so this is a first in years! :) Secondly because they are doing a cookie and lemonade stand to raise money for little Zhonghua too and they LOVE that.

Two nights ago the kids were setting the table for dinner. I had made lasagna. I asked Chazano to put a hot pad in the middle of the table. He asked what it was for so I told him "the lasagna". I heard a ton of whispers and excitement going on but didn't ask any questions. I went to sit down at the table and the eager eyes and especially...Zion...was a bit much so I asked what they were waiting for. Zion said "Chazano said you said this hot pad is for little Zhonghua and we are so excited to meet him tonight". Ok. I was laughing so hard and trying to explain that no, no...LASAGNA. Zion said "you mean that dinner thing??" umm...yah. I have to admit it did sound similar. ;)

Our neighbors and friends read this blog a few nights ago and decided to donate their entire yard sale to ours for the adoption. I cried. See it's each of you that are playing such a huge role in bringing our little boy home. God uses so many people to make it happen. To Lance and Courtney...from the bottom of our hearts...thank you.

Patiently waiting for the PA and super excited to be able to show you all who you have been reading about!

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