Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The power of one.

I don't know if you feel this way but I do sometimes. You know when people have a LOT of money to raise (whether it's a school, church, family etc) and you feel that your measly little contribution of $5 or $10 or $20 is like a tiny drop in the bucket...? I feel that way often. Because I can't give "a lot" I often fall into the trap of giving nothing.

Isn't that where we are missing it?

It's not about 'saving the world' and giving everything...but think of the power if we ALL gave a LITTLE.

I mean let's stretch it a bit...imagine if your entire community contributed $1. Just four quarters to something. That's totally doable right? I mean that doesn't hurt. We can scrounge that up around the house...in the car...under the cushions of the couch (in my house anyway :)
Now think about your community. What is the population? 13,000? 225,000 (TriCities is). Do the math.
$13,000 ???

Wow! What made the huge impact? It wasn't one family giving all. It was everyone giving a tiny, seemingly insignificant amount. $1.

Could your $10 make a difference in bringing little Zhonghua home? Yes...a huge difference. Why? Because it's the power of one.

There's ELEVEN days left of our raffle fundraiser. Can you be a very important piece in bringing an orphan home to a forever family? Not every family is called to adopt. But we can all do our part in bringing them home and not leaving them as orphans.

Paypal to THEWALKERS2000@MAC.COM to buy tickets. $10 each.

Spread the news at your office. Your friends.

First prize is a 16GB iPad2

Second prize is a $200 TARGET gift card (Future Shop in Canada).

The real prize...is a little boy's life forever changed because of your contribution.

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