Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Tuesday.

I called Lisa (our Lifeline Coordinator). She asked where we were and what we thought about Ethan. I told her that God has made it extremely clear that he is our child. She was totally in shock. She kept saying "WHAT?!?! You said absolutely not you were only looking at a little girl" :) Yah. Well. This journey is not going to be about me. I need to realize that right now. :)

So I faxed her the income document and she will talk to the China coordinator and make sure we are a go with that and then we will get started on the Application (yes we have not done an agency application yet), the documents about our faith and then the LOI (Letter of Intent). This is the first thing that goes to China. When it is approved we are granted a PA (preliminary approval) from China and this little boy known as Ethan will be locked in as our child until the process is completed.

There is a surreal amount of peace. I shouldn't be surprised.

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