Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update on our little boy.

We asked Lisa if anyone has recently visited the orphanage and if there are updates on little Zhong Hua. Well here they are:

(notice the mention of ear tags...hmmm...we already figured that one out...;)

Quoted email below:

I can give you the information that I have from Dr. Chambers... this is by word of mouth only. Dr. Chambers did not have a file or initial paperwork to go off of so she was unable to give a clear idea to his situation. She says he is a sweet boy. Lily also says he looks good. We currently do not have pictures of him.

- Potentially syndromic (only because the initial diagnosis had multiple things)
(**added by me~seems as if Goldenhar Syndrome is being referred to took almost 2 years for Seattle Children's to diagnose Azlan with this...**)
- Cleft- repaired but not well (because they did three at once)
- Ear tags

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