Friday, October 7, 2011

Getting a gift ready...

for little Zihao (Zhonghua). We bought the cutest custom made owl hat tonight off Etsy for him. Can't wait to see pictures of him wearing it. I'll take the kids to TRU in the morning to find him a few cars and books. No stuffed animals;) That's hard...our kids are so into stuffed animals...we'll keep focused on cars :)

I found the yahoo group for Social Welfare Institute of Taizhou City tonight. This is Taizi's orphanage. I can't wait to be approved by the moderator and get in there ... perhaps see some photos of our precious little boy and find someone who is traveling soon so we can send a gift to our baby.

Homestudy starts Thursday. To reduce any waiting time I've been told it's a good idea to get the "educational" stuff out of the way when we can. Oh my goodness...Dean just saw what is required for him to read and his jaw dropped. I can get through it pretty fast...but he is not a reader and's a lot of reading.

Praying praying for a PA for Taizi (TY-Zee) for Monday! This whole week was a holiday in China...therefore the delay.

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