Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting there.

With paperwork...at least.

Today we completed all pediatric appointments for the kids. Yes that's 3 days back to back. Now just waiting to get the letters saying they are all A-OK.

Dean picked up Izrael's birth certificate.

I spent an hour at the accountant's office getting everything straightened away for our 2010 income tax. Yes it was filed. Our bookkeeper completely forgot one of our businesses though...? Seriously. And much of our paperwork was missing. So our poor Accountant had to do it all by going through our huge pile of bank statements. He is amazing. (if you live in Tricities and need an amazing guy to help you with your taxes...he's the man. He was an IRS auditor and EVERY single person I've sent to him...he's gotten them back $1000's more..) I went to pay him for all his work and he said he'd rather have referrals and I'm happy to send them.
So we finally have that done and ready.

And I think we only have 2 more things to do before our homestudy appt Thursday morning @ 9. Dean still has to write an autobiography (yes...). And we are still working on clearances from every country we've even spent a few weeks in since we were 18 years old. Oh yes...Mexico has been fun to deal with for this...

Jason and Rachel and Dean and I have pretty much narrowed down November 5...Saturday...as Krispy Kreme fundraiser day. When it is 100% confirmed I'll announce it. And if you live in Tricities and would love to help bring our babies home...it would be amazing if you could help sell donuts with us! We want to spread out over the area as much as we can to maximize results. Chazano said "I want to sell donuts...yummmm...I can't wait...I looovvvveee donuts!" ;)

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