Saturday, October 15, 2011

Grandparents visit and homestudy.

Dean's parents came on Tuesday. We were all so excited...the kids could hardly stand it. Early Wednesday really early...4:30am we woke everyone up...and we got ready and hopped over to the train station for our big day. Dean's parents had given money for the kids' birthdays and Christmas and we decided to do a trip with we were heading to Portland, OR for the day on the train. The kids were so excited. Of course we took up a whole car on the train ;) We had so much fun, counting tunnels and enjoying the view. When we arrived in Portland we all walked to Mother's Bistro for a brunch. Then we caught the train to the Children's Museum. That was such a great choice. There was so much to do and something for everyone. From a lego center, to a clay room, to a water place, to a mini grocery story, to the vet, to the dirt room...we had no problem filling several hours. We then went to a pizza place and started back to the train station. In true Walker-time we entered the station as the last boarding call was being announced...yes we did this with a party of 10. ;)

The kids were so exhausted and it didn't take long before everyone was asleep except the adults.

Thursday morning was our first homestudy appointment. I have to say I was a bit nervous. You never know if you are going to be working with someone who, on a personal level...disapproves of your huge family or what. Two ladies came and we got to work right away...going over a huge stack of paperwork. At the end of the session, the one lady, Kathy, asked if she could hear what led us to adopt when we already have 7 children. I asked if I had permission to share my faith..she immediately said "I'm a born again Christian, so absolutely" with that I tried to summarize this entire blog in 15-20 minutes. She was blowing her nose into her kleenex, crying several times the way through the journey. At the end she just looked up and said "can I pray?" I was so stunned. I wasn't expecting this at all. She started praying and in her prayer thanked God for the honor to be used to help this family...and prayed for the fastest homestudy ever and that we would see just how fast God was going to bring our two little boys home. I was so touched. I was ... no ... I was shocked. My first impression was that this middle aged lady thought I was crazy. She was not overly expressive as we went through our paperwork. There was no praise for what we were doing. Everything changed when she heard how God specifically called us to rescue these children.

And the purpose of this blog.

Many people, many well-meaning people, family...friends...have made comments that we are just crazy. And well...clearly compassionate. And...well...good for you. We want you to hear our story. This is not a story about us. There was so much surrender. We laid down our ideals for our life, our goals, our pride...(that was a big one)...this is a story about a God that is tuned into every detail. We often think He must turn a blind eye...He must. It's the only way we can explain all the injustice in the world. Surely...He would not allow....surely....
But He does let the world all it's injustice. Sometimes He steps in. He moves. Most of all..He moves people. That's what this story is about. With what started as 'compelling thoughts' and 'odd occurrences'...were actual moves by the Creator of the universe. humbling. moving. This is not about someone with the biggest heart you've ever seen...yes He has given us a heart for children. But this is about Him. Him seeing every moment...never has a sparrow fallen from the sky without it's Father in Heaven seeing and recording it. You really think He's missed a child crying out for food....? warmth..? Someone to just love them...? No. He's never missed a moment. I have zero doubt that His heart has broken and wept over the injustice. Why doesn't He step in...? He does. Have you heard His whispers? I do not believe He has called every family to adopt...I truly do not. But I do know He has called a lot more families to adopt...than the ones that actually have. How many of us have said no and stuck with it....? We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus...not just the moving mouth. The ones that go. The ones that do. The ones that rescue...reach out and rescue. The Bible is completely full of commands to care for the fatherless. We are surrounded by the fatherless. What about the children who's father is serving our country overseas? What about the children who's father is in prison? What about the children who's father ... they've never known? It's not a good idea. It's not what some are called to do. It's a command.

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