Sunday, October 16, 2011

Great news...

On one of the yahoo orphanage groups I was introduced to a lady who had sent a care package to her little girl in China through a third party source. I never thought much of it until I saw our agency mention it as well....sooo I headed to the website and what a find! is a business where a Chinese lady does up a customized care package and sends it to your child in the orphanage. It is more affordable than shipping it from here and more reliable. People rate her very highly and she's quite well known for this service. She does really well at communicating with the orphanage and verifying it has been received as well.

So tonight we sent a package to Taizi:
~a warm winter outfit (sweater and pants)
~a large soft minky blanket (oh this mama LOVES minky and knowing our little Taizi is wrapped in it every night is...wonderful...)
~a large soft stuffed toy
~a soft photo album with 5 photos of our family and 400 words interpreted into Chinese (great reviews on this product as families say it helps the child 'know' you long before you come!)
~a box of candy for the caregivers at the orphanage
~a disposable camera that will be labelled for him so they will take photos and we will pick it up and develop it when we arrive in China.

How wonderful is that? She will send me photos of it before it's shipped out. I'm sure this is the first of a few care packages we will send.

Zihao's package is almost ready to send. We have:
~a soft blanket with cars and trains on it (a gift from friends)
~a warm soft Thomas the Train hoodie (Azlan loves!)
~a handmade owl hat
~a truck
~warm fleece pajamas
~an Elmo book
~Family pictures

Jenny suggested some track pants as well so we will send those too.


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