Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I forgot to mention this.. but this is pretty crazy. A few weeks ago I had set Izrael beside me on the couch in our room. I had turned with the other kids and she was then laying on her belly. All was good until I saw it was my Bible that was keeping her quiet and she was grabbing pages and slobbering all over them. Errrr. My Bible had been closed before she grabbed and started going though it with a vengeance. I was drying the pages off when I looked and started smiling. It was Jonah chapter 1 and 2 that she was slobbering on.

So ... everytime I open my Bible...guess where it naturally opens? Well...that would be Jonah...because the pages are wrinkled and crinkled and had been very wet. And everytime it falls open to Jonah I pause and again read Jonah 2: 8-9. God's keeping it right in front of me...lest I forget.

Dean and I were talking tonight about the parable in Matthew 13:44.

"The kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.
When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy
went and sold all he had and bought that field."

He got it. He saw that the one treasure he found was worth everything he had accumulated in his life. I'm thinking not everyone else saw it. He probably lacked some support along the way. I'm not convinced he cared. He went home and sold all he his joy.

This had great meaning to me tonight.

This was a specific calling for us. We are sacrificing presently and long term in order to obey. Just today I remembered how this year we had fully planned on going on a family vacation this Christmas. Not happening now. There are many things that will be forever changed for us going be a family of 11.

.. Once we saw the treasure (and we took a while)...we surrendered. And now ... even with joy. I feel like God has given me glimpses into the real treasure. Rescuing them from death is only part of it.

As we were talking Jonah 2:8-9 came to mind.

8 “Those who cling to worthless idols
forfeit the grace that could be theirs.
9 But I, with a song of thanksgiving,
will sacrifice to you.

...forfeit the grace that could be theirs. There's a treasure here that is much bigger than we can see.

To our precious little Zihao and are more than worth it.

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