Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We finally have names!

Ok many of you know the work that goes into names for us. For our adopted children we have chosen to use words or names from their language because we believe their heritage is such a huge part of who they are. We did this with Chazano and Zunduka as well. Also there has to be a Z somewhere in the name (we are stuck with Z's at this point)...and meaning is very significant.


for baby boy #1....(Ethan or Zhonghua)


Zihao Zhonghua Walker

His first name Zihao rymes with Ni Hao (many of you with young children may know the cartoon Ni Hao KaiLan...Ni Hao is HELLO in Chinese). Pronounced Zee-how.

Meaning: Our heroic son. Or my son who is a hero. Other translations show "proud" but in all the baby name sites it's "heroic".

Middle name: Zhonghua is the name that the orphanage in Maoming City gave him when he was found. The translation of ZHONGHUA is "CHINA". Regardless of meaning we are keeping his given name as his middle name as we did with Chazano and Zunduka.

For baby boy #2...(Tommy)


Taizi Fu'An Walker

Taizi is pronounced TY-zee

Meaning: Crown prince

Fu'An is his given name by the orphanage.

This was pretty special. Late last night I was searching on a great translation site and I finally started making up names that I like the sound of. So I started with Taiz...and it showed the options. Taizi among many others popped up. Taizi was the first one so I clicked on it and when I saw the meaning, I knew it was it.

We loved that it is simple, has the z in the middle instead of starting with it, and it's beautiful meaning. You are definitely our little Prince. more Ethan and Tommy. Now they are Zihao and Taizi. :)

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