Wednesday, October 26, 2011


What does "perfect" mean to you?

In Azlan's journey, I changed my definition of 'perfect'. I quickly began to appreciate that 'perfect' can often be seen most...where others only see imperfections.

Often when I see his sweet face ... my mind goes back to the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. That cleft smile that I could literally see from the back of his head. He...was perfect.

We had 5 little caterpillars. We watched all 5 transform into butterflies. One was born ... with broken wings. Born like that? Yes. We woke to see a new butterfly...but this one was different. It's wings are 'torn' and crumpled. We released our butterflies yesterday. It was such a sweet moment to see all the kids excited to see if they could really fly. Then there was this one. We picked it up and let it go. It fluttered as fast as it could to the ground. Not was Azlan that ran to it and had relentless patience ... as if picking it up and giving it another try...would magically make its wings whole. It didn't. But he tried over and over..and over. Finally we saw him pick his butterfly up and put it back in the net. He looked a little sad as he said "he can't fly...his wings don't work".

He was made this way. I told him his butterfly is perfect.

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