Saturday, October 22, 2011

A piece of my heart.

I'm ready to share the video of our precious little Taizi...I will forever remember my heart breaking for this little boy that night I felt suddenly compelled to "look at his photo".

Password is tommy1


  1. Janice i am speechless,i just dont know what to say :( he is so sad and looks extremely weak..i am sure he is going to love everything that ur sending him and there is going to be a BIG smile on his face! xoxo

  2. No wonder you cried when you saw this??? My heart was breaking for the little boy..He looked so helpless in those balls...and when he was on the horse..I wanted to reach inside the computer and take him off ..his poor head was wobbling all over the place...Bless his heart...He is so privileged to be going home to an amazing family:)

    Thanks for sharing!! My dream was to visit an orphanage or to run one..but I am not sure my heart would allow it...I'd want to adopt them all!!!