Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Plugging away and other news.

We are still working on our home study STACK of paperwork. No exaggeration there at all, either. I have 7 pediatrician appointments starting tomorrow and finishing on Tuesday next week, which is all for the home study as well. At least we managed to get doc appointments after our school hours and after Izrael's first nap.

I think the only thing we are waiting on right now is doctor appointments, letters from any counsellors we have ever seen (even if they don't remember a thing about us because it's been so long...), and clearances from any country we've spent a prolonged time in since we were 18 years old. Hopefully that goes quickly...

I looked up Microtia tonight based on my friend Erum's suggestion. She asked if Taizi has Microtia. As soon as she asked it clicked. Deformity of the outer ear...yes! When I googled it, it came up that it is most often associated with Hemifacial Microsomia. (Azlan and Zihao). Then I watched Taizi's video and wow...I can totally see Hemifacial. We are taking both files to our ENT and Ear Reconstruction Specialist in Spokane at Azlan's next appointment.

Speaking of Azlan...we received an amazing out-of-the-blue phone call a few days ago. It was his Audiologist apologizing for it taking so long but telling us she finally got approval from insurance for the BAHA implant for Azlan...! My ENT's office had said they had forgotten to reply to the insurance's denial of the claim about a year ago...and I was soooo not happy about that since it takes 8-12 months to get a reply from insurance. Well...the Audiologist had immediately replied to the denial, way back that, and forgot to tell anyone so that was awesome news! His surgery is scheduled for Nov. 17 in Spokane. It is a day surgery where they will implant the screw into his skull. He will not have use of the BAHA for about 6 months when they will perform another day surgery to add the attachment.

It's a very big possibility that in a few years we will have 2 or 3 little boys all using the BAHA...!

We finally have Zihao's gift ready to send. You would not believe what I stuffed into the flat rate box! :) It's not $10.95 to mail to China though...instead its $45. So we had to make it worth it by getting as much as we could in there! A pair of fleece pj's, a blanket, a package of Thomas The Train underwear, 4 play pants, a Thomas hoodie, a custom made owl hat, a truck, a small photo album of family pictures and a small bath toy and I'll just about have to sit on it to close it ;)

Also, Ann from Red Thread China confirmed Taizi's information today and will be sending his gift tomorrow. She said she will be requesting photos from the orphanage of him with his gift so we will pray that happens!

Tonight we decided pretty last minute to take the family to the circus. We try to do as many activities as we can...and call them "field trips" since we home school. Well all the kids were free but we were too late to get "BOGO" on the adult tickets so we had to pay $28 each adult. Ugh. As we got up to the ticket counter after an enormous line ... there were 4 guys in front of Dean that said they had 2 extra adult tickets to give away free and wondered if we needed them. Perfect! Since we just saved $56, Dean handed them $20 for it. They were happy (since they were giving them for free) and we were definitely happy!

I laughed so much during the circus just listening to the kids laugh, especially Zion and Chazano. So cute and so funny. Azahria said "the clown with the car was my favorite" ;)
On the way to the car, Zunduka told me he wants to learn more tricks so he can end up in the circus someday. ;)

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