Monday, October 24, 2011

Running behind...

on paperwork. Ahhh. I have 3 of the kids' doctor appts tomorrow which will finish the 7...
I have to get Izrael's birth documents from our accountant...and I think a few more things. All of this was supposed to be sent to our social worker last week so we could meet this coming Thursday. I have to call her in the morning b/c I'm assuming we won't be able to meet this week. It hasn't been for lack of effort.

Today my good friend Rachel received her LOA (Letter of Approval) for little Josie! And Ann from Red Thread China also sent her three photos of her little girl today! So so so beautiful, she really is precious.

Ann said she contacted Taizi's orphanage and requested photos but hasn't heard back from them. I'm praying they email some to her...would love to see our little boy.

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