Sunday, October 9, 2011

A tad hopeful...

I connected with a yahoo group for Taizi's city. Only to find out that the majority of families on there adopted from a different orphanage in the city than the one Taizi is in. I did just find one family who was there only 8 months ago to adopt their son but doubtful if they have photos since it seems this orphanage does not let you in. Ahhh. Still holding out hope that I'll be able to connect with a family going that way soon so we can send some love to our boy...

Zihao's gift is almost ready. Waiting on the owl hat to arrive from Etsy and our family photos to get back to us. We bought him a cute little truck, a warm pair of fleece pajamas from Costco and we just have to go to Target to get him a warm fuzzy blanket that friends of ours gave money for.

We are praying about our next fundraiser move. Rachel has lots of great ideas and it's much more fun to team up and do it together. Praying for peace.

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