Saturday, October 1, 2011


Can I leave a post...just blank? Doesn't the title tell you the story?

Thank-full. Full of thanks. Isn't that what God told Dean and I...He just wants a sacrifice of thanksgiving...?

You know I've been thinking about that. Why is it a sacrifice? How is thankfulness a sacrifice? I'm learning. It takes humility. And I can tell you...that for me...humility...takes surrender. Total self-sacrifice. It's much more 'me' to be "no, no, I got it". I'll work harder. I'll go into debt if I have to but I won't ask for help. When a gift is say "oh no...that's ok...we got it".


To accept the gift. With thankfulness.

A sacrifice. Of thanksgiving.

From our hearts tonight...thank you. Thank you for supporting our raffle fundraiser. Yes it was fun...yes I wish every one of you could win...

but you did.

The iPad2 was a fun little carrot. But it was not the real prize. The real absolutely..undoubtedly...two precious little boys...that God is bringing home. You...are such a part of this story.

32 different families gave. A total of $1440. Raising $740 after cost of prizes.

And we ... offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving.

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