Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update on Zhonghua

I received an email from "Jenny" this morning on Zhonghua. Here it is :)

Zhong Hua is in a foster family that has two children. A girl 26 and boy
22. Zhong Hua is the fifth child the foster parents have fostered.

Since having cleft palate surgery Zhong Hua speaks more clearly and makes
simple sounds like BaBa, MaMa, GeGe and JieJie.

Zhong Hua likes to drink water from a cup. He does not like milk. He likes
rice, vegetables and gravy.

Zhong Hua is smart yet a bit shy. He likes to play hide and seek with the
neighborhood children.

Oct. 15 we will be having Friends in the Park outing with all the foster
children and their foster mothers. We will celebrate children who have
birthdays in Oct.

Yes, you can send a gift to Zhong Hua to the below address. Make sure you
send in time for me to receive before Dec. 10 because I will be returning to
the US for the Christmas holiday.

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