Friday, November 25, 2011

Beautiful Things.

Life is full of them. My day was full of them.

Before dinner we went around the table and each told a few things we were really thankful for.

Azlan: "I'm thankful for you, Mama"
Mama: "why?"
Azlan: "Because you love me."
Mama: "how do you know?"
Azlan: "because you said it." ;)

Chazano: "I'm thankful for....(looking around the table for ideas...) FOOD! Yes FOOD!!! (in his silliest voice ever)." All the kids double in laughter (he loves that;). After we all laugh with him at we ask him to think about something he's really thankful for and if it is say it like he means it. It ended up still being food which is awesome and we're glad he is well-fed ;)

Zunduka: "I'm thankful for kids that have no family and I pray God gives them a forever mommy and daddy to love them real soon". So we talked about this for a while then he added "I'm thankful for my family. For brothers and sisters to play with and for a mama and daddy that love me" ;)

Zion: "I'm thankful for God. I'm thankful for all the things He gives us everyday".

Tirzah: "I'm thankful for the new swingset in our back yard b/c I love swings and my legs are growing big and strong" ;)

Azahria Peace: "I'm thankful for you...b/c you like me Mama" :)

Dean had read on Mars Hill Church site today about how 1 in 8 people in the world don't have clean water so we talked about something so basic as water and what can happen when you don't have access to clean water. The kids really entered in to the conversation on clean clothes, and baths and teeth and drinking...and cooking. Thank-fullness.

Tonight I'm thankful for so much.

I'm full. My heart is full.

I'm thankful little Zihao is warm and loved and cared for. I'm so thankful he is in a foster home.

I'm thankful that little Taizi is in a 'safe place'. He needs care. He needs more. But for what he does have I'm thankful.

I'm so thankful that God has so specifically called us to bring them home and I can't wait for the day...when they come home.

And to my Father who has asked me time and time again if I'm willing to risk all...everything...for Him....I'm so thankful. To say I don't know where I'd be today without a complete understatement. For loving me...for sending His Son to pay the ultimate price for my sin...for adopting me into His family...I'm eternally thankful.

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