Monday, November 28, 2011

It's the little things.

In a very busy life...the little things can become really big things.

Like when Zunduka taps his chin for what seems like a very very long time ... as he thinks of something to say and finally comes out with the words "mama...I've been are a wonderful cook-er. I sure do like your food". (That's like Zion telling you to close your eyes and put your arms out as he gives you the warmest hug...that was a Duka-hug..)

Or when Chazano comes up behind me and says "turn around Mama" and I do so to see the brightest most vibrant smile ever...and a "I just wanted to say I love you...because I do".

Or when Azahria Peace says "what's my name Mama" and I say "well...Princess?" "Nooooo Mama." "ohhh...Silly?" laughing harder... "noooo Mama".. "Hmmm I don't know I give up" "Mama...I'm Azahria Peaaaa" :)

Or when Azlan says "Mama I know that you love me...because ... you tell me lots and give me lots of hugs...and I know you love me"

Or when Zion would rather empty the dishwasher than play any game you can think of...b/c well..."I just want to be with you Mama".

Or when Tirzah randomly blurts out "I'm soooooo glad our third baby didn't die in your belly...b/c ... well...I love Izrael"

Or when Zunduka says in the middle of school today "Mama...thank you so much for school. I think you are the best teacher...that I ever had" in the most serious expression ever...and I know I've just received another Duka-hug.

Or when Izrael schooches into my shoulder so deep when I pick her up from a nap if she can't get close enough ...

Little things.

We set up our Christmas tree on the weekend. Finally ... I won't kill a tree long before Christmas! We found a gorgeous tree on Craigslist that is 9' tall and really full. It's at Costco for $349 and we paid $90! Seeing as we pay $50 every year for a real one that never even makes it to the 25th...this is good.

Seeing the ornament on the tree for Taizi and Zihao...makes my heart thump a little harder.

In the most random way I found a song this past weekend. I love it. I listen solely to Christian music...just what I do. So this is a new thing for me to love a song...that's not.

It's fun and whimsical and makes me smile.

Love is Endless by Mozella

one, for starry nights andtwo, for candle lights andthree, for long walks in the sunfour, for all the laughterfive, for ever aftersix, your smile is just the best.Love is endless
Love, love love love, love love love, love love loveLove is endlessLove, love love love, love love love, love love loveLove is endless
seven, you're my goodluck charmeight, for your open armsnine, for best sunday in the rain.
ten, couldn't get much bettereleven, two once put together[ From: ]twelve, all the joy and happiness.Love is endless
count out loud,all of the ways that life is good,on different days,how things can changelove always stays the same.
count out loud, it never ends the list goes on hit on againforgive forget, and let your heart begin, love is endless
thirteen, I got brand new eyesfourteen, everything's a surprisefifteen, not a day that I regret,Love is endless.

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