Sunday, November 20, 2011

The plan this week...

We have fingerprinting ready to send off ...

and finally have things ready for the Mexican clearances ... this is really all we are waiting on for the home study to be completed (oh and those few references that still need to send their forms back...;).

We had such a wonderful family weekend. Today we came home from church (where Azlan stayed with us instead of going to sunday school...he tends to get made fun of on a good day...not going to ask for more with part of his head shaved and 2 big lines of stitches on his face/head)...made a great lunch then watched a family Christmas movie. Then the kids all talked about their 'modified' Christmas wish lists...we asked them each to pick 2 things they really want. It was cute seeing their process of elimination.

At about 5:30 we all loaded into the Suburban and went for a McCafe for Dean and I then headed to the river for a walk. It was dark. And cold. And wonderful. The baby was in the sling...snug as a bug. The two thinnest boys were the only ones complaining of being cold ;) One the way home we stopped into Walmart where all 7 kids got to spend $5 each from Nana and Papa. They had a lot of fun and everyone got some pretty awesome stuff. It really amazes me the choices they have for $5. Tirzah settled on a set of handcuffs that really lock and have keys. Oh yes...this girl is the new sheriff in town. And a pretty cute one too! Though tonight she came downstairs in her brown ruffle skirt, a sweater that has one button at the top ... no shirt underneath...her pink cowgirl belt hanging overtop, her pink cowgirl boots and her hat....looking for a criminal to lock up. Zion bought a motorcycle, Chazano a firetruck. Zunduka and Azlan got my favorite...superhero capes with masks. Ok ... if it were Mama's pick...all the kids would have gotten this. Since they could walk they have been playing superheros. Daily I tie blankets around their necks as capes! The boys were so cute running around in 'real capes'! Azahria got a set of squinkies. Izrael got a baby 'cell phone' that lights up and sings. They all went to bed exhausted after a fun day.

Right now we have our next home study appt in early December. We have been blessed with 2 amazing social workers and look forward to the next visit.

A friend messaged me today on facebook and said as they were listening to a Christmas song it made them think of us. Well we clicked on the link and sat spell bound as we listened to Third Day sing.

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