Saturday, November 12, 2011

We are ready for surgery!

We had our pre-op appt yesterday in Spokane for Azlan. The doctor confirmed that roughly 40% of his ear drum is missing due to the permanent tube (that never should have been put in...) falling out. Sigh. He said we'll just hope the body heals the hole but it may not. Meaning no water can get in the ear (in our child who is half-fish...!) or we will have drainage and possibly infection. We are taking that one day at a time b/c I'm not sure how that works long-term...?

We then agreed to take his ear tags off in surgery. Azlan is so cute...he thinks his ear doesn't work b/c of the 'ear bumps' so he thinks removing the bumps...will allow his ear to hear. Uh oh..

We talked about reforming the outer ear but at this point it may back fire on us so we will watch it into teenage years and can operate later.

We talked about his nose and he said he would leave his nose for now and again ... look at operating at 14 years or so when the nose has finished growing. At that point he would like to straighten it up and really do some 'finishing touches' on his nose.

We talked about the Baha and he showed me where it will be on Azlan's head. Unless the doctor is mistaken, it's quite a large piece that will be visible. That's not super exciting for Azlan...however as technology improves he can update all along the way.

A screw will be placed into the skull behind the ear. We are changing things up from the norm and he's going to put 2 in. One is a 'sleeper one' and will be buried. In case things go wrong with the other one we'll have a back up plan. The other screw will be sticking out with its attachment piece through the skin. Normally it is buried for 6 months then reoperated on and ready for the attachment. We discussed doing this all in one surgery for several reasons. As he gets older ~ he is quite aware of whats going on and it's rather traumatic. Let's remove one step if we can. He said the risks are the screw being dislodged during that 6 month 'setting into the bone' period. He said most of the time that will occur b/c of school. Bumping, accidents and playground mishaps. When I told him we homeschool he immediately starting discussing going for it. So that's the plan! We won't be able to use the BAHA for a few months but hopefully considerably sooner than 6 months. He said he does not have one family that regrets it. They all give it credit for hugely impacting their child's life.

I talked about Taizi and Zihao while there. He thinks I'm crazy :) And well he said crazy in a good way. He said his wife is now finally considering adoption. When looking at Taizi he said that is definitely bilateral Microtia and we will not know until he's home what severity it is. Sometimes with microtia there are no ear canals but due to a working inner ear they can actually drill ear canals (!). There may be severe levels of deafness and we are prepared for that. We are praying our little boy who seems so lost and sad isn't also sitting in the complete silence of the world around him. Breaks my heart.

We had a great day in Spokane ending it with a run into World Market. The kids are so funny they all emptied their piggy banks with the imported musical toys and yes...we allowed that and yes...for the first 20 minutes on the way home we listened to bazookas, harmonicas and even an accordian! ahh-yah! Then said band was over and it was peace ;)

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