Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where we are.

Today was our second last homestudy appointment. And my bad I didn't tell Dean to stay home from work for it ... so he got called home from work. I was able to teach the kids school (which I'm loving now that we are back to our program we used last year...) while Dean did his one on one visit with the social workers...then it was my turn. We were done by 1:45 and on with the day.

Fingerprinting, Mexican clearances (for Dean having spent time there), waiting for clearances from MA and MB are really the final on the list besides the intense reading we have to do.

It will be so excited to have homestudy approval and move on to the next phase.

Tomorrow we are headed to Spokane early in the morning for Azlan's preop appt. Yes...on 11/11/11 and his appointment is at 11:00am. I think we are meant to really stop and remember. Aren't we all!

Taizi and Zihao...we are doing everything we can to bring you both home. As fast as we can.

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