Wednesday, November 23, 2011

With a song of thanksgiving...

I will sacrifice to You.

Ahh. Thankful day. That's what it's called in our house. And we...are thank-full.

Two years ago ... Thanksgiving day 2009...we announced we were so excited that we had a new little baby on the way. We were just a few months away from going to Africa to adopt our twin boys and life was pretty full. Little did we know what lay ahead. That baby would see Jesus before she ever saw us. Three months later we would again announce our excitement that another little baby was on the way. In the beginning, my heart broke as much for Tirzah's sweet heart as it did for my own when I called home from Africa to say another baby was in Heaven. I was so crushed. Felt suffocated beneath the weight of total grief and loss.

Two years later ... Thanksgiving we are with a full house...and full hearts. Our little boys are home and truly a part of our family (that is not instant with adoption...especially in older children.). And sweet Izrael Promise shines her little light every day. She is a reminder that He truly makes beautiful things out of us. (one of my favorite songs right now..."He makes beautiful things" by Gungor).

We had no idea ... and would have laughed had you told us a year ago that we would have our hearts somewhere on the east of China this Thanksgiving.

Jonah 2:8.

We are full of thanks.

My sister suggested I read "One Thousand Gifts" and I haven't yet purchased it but I was able to read a part on tonight. I think I'll enjoy the book from what I've seen. I was disappointed to see the title of the book I think it would be fitting for our story someday ;)

Tomorrow as you sit around in the fun, excitement, warmth and even clamor of it all...let your heart fully offer up a song of thanksgiving. You...yes you...have so much to be thankful for.

Tonight I want to show you what my sweet sweet friend, Courtney Frisbee made for our adoption. There's a bit more to this than meets the eye. This is a glass Christmas ornament. Handmade for our adoption. Of course, 100% of the proceeds go directly to bringing little Taizi and Zihao home from China. Take a closer look at the photo. On the heart is a map of China. The 2 stars...are showing you where Taizi and Zihao live. The phrase is such an important part of our and their story. It's beautiful. It's in the colors of the Chinese flag and I think it would look beautiful on your tree this year. You will remember 2 little boys waiting for their forever family...and in years to come you will be reminded each Christmas of the important piece YOU were in bringing them home.

They are being sold for $10 each. $13 includes shipping to anywhere in Canada and USA.

Please email me if you wish to purchase one. You may mail a check or money order to
4916 Malaga Drive
Pasco, WA

or paypal to the adoption paypal account

Happy Thanksgiving friend.

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