Wednesday, December 14, 2011


but not far from my mind. All day.

Today we mailed our package to Zihao for Christmas. We were so excited when we found Hallmark's "recordable story books" in Walmart! What a fabulous gift for our little boy to hear his forever family read him a story! We had a lot of fun recording it too with the kids all having parts to say :) My favorite part of our book (Frosty The Snowman) was the last page "Thumpety-Thump Thump"...I read "thumpety" and each child read "thump thump". It was so cute.

We got him 4 play shirts, monster trucks, 5 pack of hotwheels, and another Hotwheels truck. A candy cane filled with Hershey Kisses and a special Christmas card.

Tonight we also sent a package to Taizi from Red Thread China. I so wish I could send him a gift from here but it's just not been confirmed that we would ever know it would reach him. We sent him a 2 piece outfit, another disposable camera (praying we get these when we go to amazing to have photos of him waiting for us), a cute cuddly stuffed panda bear, and a pillow with a photo of Daddy and Mommy on it. Yes we are really wanting him to see our photo and what better way than a pillow in his bed...hoping he closes his little eyes each night looking at his forever family and knowing just how 'wanted' he is.

Azlan is doing great with his new Baha. He doesn't wear it all day b/c it's really too intense. Crazy ... but true. Tonight they watched a Max Lucado children's movie (LOVE them) and I asked him if he wanted it on and he said "no's SO loud for me" ;)

I'm noticing a significant difference during school with Azlan's BAHA. I teach Tirzah and Zion first ... then Chazano, Zunduka and Azlan. So while T and Z are in school, the others are playing 'quietly' in the playroom as it's during Izrael's nap time. Well Azlan is loud. He just is. Now with the's quite incredible how he's much much quieter and I'm not having to come out and tell him several times that I need him to try harder to talk quietly. He calls the BAHA his 'ear' ;)

My boy. He has such a huge piece of my heart. And I'm so thankful. Because he needs a Mama with a big heart. Oh they all do...but Azlan requires extra.

When we were in Spokane last week, I asked both his audiologist and his plastic surgeon/ear reconstruction specialist (he's an amazing doctor) about Taizi and Zihao. They both (separately) told me something interesting...they said in their experience...75% of children adopted from China have hearing loss. The Audiologist said that there is something definitely causing significant hearing loss in China...and that it's wise for all adoptive parents to make sure they get their child's hearing thoroughly checked when they bring them home. When I showed her our boys' files she said "it's highly likely both have significant hearing loss". Dr. Husein said very similar when we spoke as well. Interesting.

Tonight I ordered Christmas cards. Yes I know how late it is in the month. Somehow December has been flying by for me. Tirzah told me today how many days until Christmas and I was quite shocked. Ahhh. I'm rather behind and well...looks like I'll be out with all the males in the stores again shopping on Christmas Eve....(yes I was out of place last year with all the men doing their very late shopping...)

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