Friday, December 2, 2011

A little update

I had a few questions answered about our precious Taizi today.

Tai Fu An update:

1, He only did lip surgery not palate.

2, He can stand and crawl not walk yet.

3, He is not deaf. He can hear for sure.

So he will still need his cleft palate surgery done and we are happy to hear it is not done yet so that Dr. Husein can do it.

We aren't terribly convinced he can stand and crawl but if so...he's at the same level developmentally as little Izrael who is 8.5 months. He is 2.5 years old. :(

Regarding deafness, this was actually silly of me to ask. I guess if he turns his head when you talk to him they are saying "he is not deaf". It is almost unlikely that he does not have any deafness.

The good news is...we are going to love you just as you are, little Taizi.

A funny little story that happened yesterday here:

I was teaching the kids in school and it was Azlan (who I was sitting with so I could speak directly into his left ear so he could hear the sounds clearly as we are learning to read) and across from us was Chazano (Zunduka was to our right). The kids all know that you just don't touch Mama's feet. You know how kids will come stand on your feet? I think I have a lot of nerve endings in my feet ... or I'm just plain weird...(possible) but I don't like anyone touching my feet. Even in a pedicure I endure some it because I'm so sensitive. So under the table, Chazano puts his foot on my. I move my foot. 10 seconds later his foot is back on mine. I look at him...he didn't miss a beat in his school work. I subtly move my foot. A few seconds later...his foot is back on mine. This happened several times til I acknowledged to myself that I think ... my Chazano boy is bonding with me....and it just so be by touching my foot (!!!). So I left my foot there. I even stuck my phone under the table to take a picture for Dean (who would appreciate the gravity of the situation). was so hard for me to leave my foot there simply b/c I really dislike my feet being touched...but I was warmed by the fact that our little boy just wanted 'touch'. :)

Later in the afternoon I was showing them something on the iPad and he 'fell' on me ... in what 'just so happened' to be a full hug. So I took the opportunity and hugged him. He laughed and said "mama...I fell, I wasn't hugging you". I wasn't buying it;) 5 minutes later the same exact thing this time he got a full bear hug.

These are the moments that are so much bigger than they appear at first glance in an adopted child.


Tomorrow we will try to get a Christmas package ready to send Zihao in China. Jenny said they do celebrate Christmas with the child there in the foster home.

Good night our precious are so loved.

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