Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Oh the excitement in this house today...I wish every home could have this much joy! The children all had another sleepover in the playroom (cutest thing ever) and this morning they were all so eager to tell us that today is Christmas Eve! We (me...untraditional mama...) have become a family of traditions and there's no way out ;) The kids remind us of all the fun family traditions we have and ... they are special. Today Daddy made us brunch. Woah...we'll take that tradition any time...! ;) He made a big egg casserole and we can't eat it without thinking of his mom. Dec. 22 was 4 years since that day when we watched Mom / Grandma take her last breath. What a surreal moment... it all happened so fast. We couldn't even get our sleepless minds around what was happening...and then it happened. And we were left dumbfounded, stunned...and yet with peace. Mom was spending Christmas with Jesus...her first of many. We talk about her often...we don't even want our children to forget who she was and how much she loved them all. We know she would be completely over the moon with Chazano and Zunduka....and Zihao and Taizi. She never met Azahria...and of course Izrael. I had only announced a little baby girl was on the way 2 days before Mom passed away...she loved her grandkids. Tirzah (just 4 years at the time) still talks about putting a rose on Grandma's white coffin at the funeral...and Zion talks about different memories he has as well (he was 2.5).

Today we are watching Herbie...yes...Herbie. I reluctantly gave in...and reluctantly laughed. A lot. ;)

Tonight the tradition of a chocolate fondue DINNER (yes...dinner). Tirzah is so excited about this ... we have marshmellows, strawberries, pineapple, bananas, cheesecake...

And then the opening of Christmas Eve Jammies ;)

Christmas day is like a Procopio Christmas day. Yes...I guess I secretly liked the scheduled form of the day growing up. Breakfast...clean up the kitchen...THEN sit down together and open presents. It's usually about 10-11am before we start.

Christmas. It actually gives me chills when I put myself back in time and imagine hearing the news that Mary's child was born...Jesus...God became man. Time literally stood still...Heaven stood still...and the Creator became one of us...the created. Out of the darkness....Light. Out of the gloom...Hope. Promise was born that day.

Merry Christmas. I... am so glad ... He came. If He wasn't born...He couldn't have died. If He didn't die...I would be without Hope. Because He died...I am free.

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