Thursday, December 22, 2011

A phone call that really made a difference..!

Lifeline is trying to get our homestudy wrapped up (and we appreciate that)...but these Child Abuse and Neglect forms are holding us back. So I called the Manitoba office and the voicemail said they are back logged but I left a message anyway. One person called me back yesterday and another individual called me this morning. She said she was so unfamiliar with international adoptions and definitely didn't want to hold that process up so she was processing it today and putting it in the mail tomorrow morning. She ended the call with "this is one call that saved you 5-7 WEEKS" (gulp) and said yes...that's 5-7 weeks that matters! Not sure really how big their stack of paperwork is since we were logged in with them since November 7...but thankful we just climbed to the top of the stack.


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