Saturday, December 24, 2011

So full...and empty.

With all the excitement of Christmas...I love watching the wonder of it all through the innocence of little children. I must have heard 22 times today how much I'm loved. Not sure if it's related to the growing stash under the tree...or.... ? ;)

... in it all is this almost ache that is getting stronger each day...until tonight there's a very obvious lump in my throat. Little Zihao and Taizi...we are longing to bring you home.

Zion and I had a little Mommy date today. We talked about how 'next' Christmas...we should be home with our little boys and how wonderful it is to celebrate their first Christmas in their forever family with them. Zion was so pure and kept looking out the window then back at me...then he said "Mama, but there's many more orphans to bring home..." It was very precious the way he said it. We are not on a mission to adopt the world...we are on a mission to go where God leads us and hopefully in that process...inspire many others to step out and listen to that 'still small voice' and see many many orphans brought home.

Merry Christmas Zihao Zhonghua. As you are surrounded by your loving foster family and the joy at TCH...may God prepare your little heart for all the changes that lay ahead...and meanwhile...may you continue to feel loved and cared for.

Merry Christmas Taizi Fu'An. My heart can't even get the words out without seeing your precious little face laying in your crib with your Haberman bottle...stroking your own hair. I will have Habermans here ready for you...and I promise you won't need to stroke your own hair when you come home...
Perhaps every day has been the same ... every the same routine...and you spend much of your days in your crib. ... but it's all about to change and life will never be the same. I pray as you lay your head down tonight and see your forever Daddy and Mama on your new pillow that your heart will dream of home. One very normal morning will soon take your mundane world and brighten it forever. You are so loved little boy. Merry Christmas my precious...Merry Christmas....

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