Saturday, January 28, 2012

Break my heart.

....for what breaks Yours.

My heart hurts. So...I pray.

Zion prayed at lunch today and said "God it's so amazing that you can be everywhere at the same time...that's awesome" and Tirzah added " You can be here watching us and in China watching Zihao and Taizi at the same time!"...sometimes they say it best. While I just want to be there with them...holding them, caring for them...I can't. He can. He is.

I know the day will soon be here that we, with great anticipation, get on the plane to go get our little boys and bring them home.

Until then...I dream of stroking little Taizi's head as I pray the fear leaves his beautiful eyes...
I dream...of seeing all the life and excitement in Zihao as he plays with his brothers and sisters...
I dream...of the future and seeing the bigger picture of what God had planned all along...

but for now... my heart is breaking...

Zunduka prayed at bed time that "Taizi will stay healthy and strong and the people in the orphanage will take care of him until he can come home to his forever family."

Amen, Zunduka...amen.

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