Friday, January 13, 2012

So close to the next step...!

We received FBI fingerprint clearances today...and the only thing remaining is the Mexican CANs...

Then we can move out of the home study phase onto the next one. When they said "China homestudies are quite a bit more intense than other countries" not sure we knew how intense but lets just say that our Zambian adoption was sooooo different. I'm loving working with an agency that is telling us what to do opposed to never knowing our next step and the cost along the way.

We heard that the Mexican officials had to send the CAN document off to the larger center simply b/c we are not there in person to apply...and they project a clearance later next week. Praying it comes Monday morning...and is overnighted to us on Tuesday.

Oh...I'm so excited that Jason and Rachel are days away from receiving their TA (travel approval) to go pick up their beautiful little Josie...

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