Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet life.

I'm sitting here looking at a children's clothing catalogue...oogling over cute little clothes for little boys and imagining little Zihao and Taizi in our family. is sweet. And every sweet moment I'm cherishing. Most of them.

School is going amazingly well. We are practicing lots each night and tomorrow the 'younger class' is promised 7 M&M's each if they can tell me the sounds of the letters we've learned so far...perfectly. Why does "a" have 3 sounds? I don't know. I really am empathizing for our little boys as they strain to remember aaaayyyy, ahhhhh and ...the other one ;) But this m&m thing seems to be encouraging better brain activity.

Izrael (I'll admit it...this non-nickname mama...calls her Iz-ray....its cute and she's cute and I like it. No Iz ... but Izray is cute) is adorable. And has definite personality. Like...a very strong will. I just 'love' how everyone looks at our family and says "oh to have children that don't have a strong will like yours...". Umm... not so much. We just really work on it. We love strong personalities. We don't tolerate fits and explosions. So Izrael is finding her place in the world and her voice and lots of things. She's got 3.5 teeth ;) and will stand and leg go of my leg without noticing she's on her own and we all coo. Tirzah never lets her go to bed without a hug and kiss from her ... so cute.

Ok..I love the little traditions we have in our family.

When Daddy does's a Bible story...lots of tickles...and the girls hide and he has to find them.

When Mama does's praying 'around' (I start the prayer then each one prays...)...and then I put the iPad in the boys room with some of their favorite christian music playing.

I hear lots of "I love you to the moon and back" and Tirzah always tries to be creative with telling me what she loves me more than.... sometimes it's "more than chocolate" or the other night it was "more than horses" which is ... well... that means she loves me more than anything.

I think my favorite moment all day may just be bedtime...not for the sudden utter silence...but for the praying around the group.

As I passed the torch to Zion (a few nights ago) this is what he said
"God...I have a know...I'd just really like to know why Jesus died. I just don't get it God. Why did He die? I hope you tell me someday." (in the most sincere tone ever...I was doing my best to keep my eyes closed).

Then Chazano followed it with
"God I'm so thankful you created creations and peoples and animals and I love them all. Well..most of them. And some animals I love and some I don't love. And I'm so glad you made me to sin and do bad things sometimes" (...still trying to keep my eyes closed...)

"God...thank you for our family. I am so glad you gave us our family and I love all our family...amen"
(then they erupt into laughter b/c he keeps forgetting he's not supposed to say amen til we are all done and I tell everyone he just's so cute)

"well...I was going to say what Zion said so now I have to think of something thank you for the food...and pray we have a good day..." (.... still keeping my eyes squeezed...:)


"God...thank you ... for the nice day...and for Kung Fu Panda..."


"God I pray for all the orphans in the world...and I'm asking again for miracles. You can do miracles for them. Please give them a forever family God...and dentists and doctors and toys and food and blankets...please please put angels around their beds that no bad guys hurt them..."

I walk out...every night...with a full heart.

Oh and I did answer Zion's a very childlike manner:

"well Heaven is perfect and no sin can go there. Sooooo someone has to die for the sin and pay for it. The problem is there is one rule...the person who dies for it...can't have any sin or it won't be accepted. " (lots of oohs and ahhhs as they are understanding the whole story....) "so when there was no one to go, Jesus said 'send me...I'll go...I have no sin..." and Zion's eyes were as big as quarters....he looked at me and said "oh I know why...he did it for us...He died for us b/c He is I get it..."

Yes I walked out full. As my little 6 year old boy said "you know I thanked Him for that and told Him I'm really sorry for my sins and asked Him to forgive you think He heard me...?" When I showed Him how God says a resounding 'Absolutely' to anyone who asks...the biggest smile came over his face and he flopped on his pillow smiling.

And...a house of so much laughter, joy...and simply suddenly silent. I go downstairs to my husband of almost 12 years and enjoy the few hours of silence we have together each night before the night is over.

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