Thursday, January 19, 2012


So we got word today that our Mexican clearances are en route (supposed to be here tonight)..and then some mess up happened with the MA clearances. Oh it's lovely ... and truly is lovely b/c while we do what we can as quickly as we can...I have no anxiety at all. This is God's and He's got it. The MA deal should be cleared by Monday, Lifeline says.

Then...homestudy is done! I've sent off the preliminary i800-a to Lifeline to have them proof and as soon as they ok it we will send it on so they are ready to overnight it to USCIS! One step at a time!

I talked to Logan from Lifeline today and we talked about the timeline. So wonderful having someone in control of this instead of never knowing which step is next and where (aka...Zambian adoption). We also talked about the costs of taking any of the children with us to China. She said she will find out more re: ages and costs. At this point we feel strongly about taking Izrael and Azlan. Azlan...because even with staying with Dean for 28 days while I went to Africa...he went behind in speech and muscle tone ...months. It was devastating. Combine that with all the adjustments with the boys and it was really hard. Hard on him...hard on us. We are still working to get back up to what we lost. We can't risk losing that again. With his severely delayed speech and also makes it very difficult for others that are taking care of him. Sooo...hopefully that is relatively minor to bring them with us.

So excited to have a completed home study. That...was a pretty long, in depth process. :)

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