Monday, February 6, 2012

And....better news!!!

Yesterday I took Azahria and Tirzah out for a bit and was feeling, for the first time in this process, a bit panicky. I know processes get delayed and I fully get that and get that there's little you can do. That doesn't stress me. What was stressing me was the complete perfect storm that was about to happen all because supposedly we had the wrong document. My passport expires 2/12 which is totally fine as long as we are in process of renewal and everything was submitted prior to expiration. Soo...we have a matter of days or we get delayed significantly. ....

So I'm driving around and I'm praying and asking God for something. Do You want to delay us? Is there a bigger purpose in dragging this out a few extra weeks? We definitely feel a sense of urgency for a few reasons but one being when God clearly tells us to do something...we believe we should do all we can to do it quickly. And then there is Taizi's physical condition...lump in throat....

And I reluctantly turn the radio on as the girls wanted to sing...

Here it is...(take the minute and watch and listen...)

I had total chills and sang my heart out (thankful only Tirzah and Azahria were with me...)

I'm fully aware that many many times things don't happen the way you want or the cry of your heart (I did spend 28 days in Africa with many doors slammed in my face)...but the truth still remains. Never once. Never. Once.

From Lifeline this morning:

Hi Janice,

Good news… this is what I have determined as well in my research. I spoke with a lady at the Mexico Consulate who confirmed the need for a Criminal Record. I am writing up a formal statement now to be inserted into the home study. We have to incorporate a formal statement because Immigration is going to look for a child abuse clearance instead of a criminal clearance. This added statement should meet requirements for immigration.

Thank you for your hard work!

Logan Gibbons

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  1. Yeah! Hoping it processes through immigration without a hitch!!