Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dossier Review

So today we did a Dossier Review with Lifeline. I'm seriously so clueless about the "normal adoption process" it's quite funny. Having adopted before, internationally...you'd think we'd be pro's but we did an independent adoption without an agency...yes...the hard way but it's the only way we know. It was good to go over the steps ahead of us as well as the financial steps.

So here's the rough timeline:
We should have our i800a approval in about a month from now let's say March 25.
From then to Dossier submission it's about 3 weeks.
Then we are DTC (Dossier To China).
Takes about 3 weeks from DTC to LID (Log In Date).
LID to LOA (Letter of Acceptance) is anywhere from 60-150 days and we'll pray for closer to 60-100 :)

From LOA to Travel is 60-90 days.

Logan said we are looking at October/November travel from what we can see right now.

Dean and I looked up flights tonight as we'll be responsible for booking our own flights to China. Living on the west coast helps...we were surprised to see $800 return right from Pasco and it's non stop from Seattle!

Please pray for our grant applications that we recently sent off...it would be amazing to receive a grant. Regardless...we know God is going to provide.


  1. Just an FYI...Terra just got her LOA and it was on day 99!

  2. Yes we saw that...such exciting news!