Saturday, February 18, 2012


**3 sold...17 left**

One of the sweetest girls I know...not only came up with this fundraiser but she is making it and she is *talented*! She made me one...a bird's nest necklace with 9 colorful eggs in the nest for all 9 of our children.

I. Love. It!

She has offered to *custom make* 20 for a fundraiser. 100% of the money will go to bring Zihao and Taizi home. She sells them for $30 including chain...we are selling them by donation. We are not setting a set the price. Again...only 20 available and it is custom. Have one with a pearl and 2 charms! Do a gold nest! A silver nest! Have a boy and a girl? Do a nest with a blue and a pink pearl. You can do several pearls...or colorful beads like is in mine. Just so you know the one with 9 colorful beads is about the size of a nickel...the others with 1 or 2 pears are about the size of a dime. Very well made and unique to you!

I will post updates with how many remain here on the blog. Please use the paypal button here on the right of the blog and specify that it is for the bird's nest fundraiser. From the bottom of our hearts...thank you. Thank you to Courtney for her generous heart and total sacrifice to help us bring our babies home. Thank you to YOU. For being such a part of the process.

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  1. Does she have a website where we can see the various options? Let me know : )