Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good news...and hoping for more...

We received an email from our friend in Mexico re: this whole document error. The good news is the summary of what he found is this IS the correct form in the sense that if there was a child abuse accusation that would show up on the criminal record. Here's the letter:

I called the DIF and when I finally got to talk to a human being, this was
their response.

You need a "carta de no antecedentes penales." You already have that. They
say DIF does not have a "base de datos" Abuso infantile is a crime, so it
goes to the Procuraduria. Therefore such an action is immediately turned
over to them. This is all I could get out of them. Government services
between countries is a difficult thing. I hope you can convince the agency
of this.

Now we are praying that we get the go - ahead from Lifeline to proceed with what we have!

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