Thursday, February 16, 2012

Keeping busy with applications.

Many of them. Most people that know me know how much I really dislike stacks of paperwork. Especially on my desk. EEEK can't wait to have it in the mail!

Tomorrow we go to our pastor and pick up all the reference letters necessary. Then we get all the documents together and package it all in the mail. 4 grant applications ready to go. The down side? Most you don't even get a reply from for 8-10 weeks.

On to good news...

Jason and Rachel posted pictures of meeting Josie for the first so so beautiful....

Tonight a friend called me asking for some help b/c she received a call about 2 siblings that were taken from their home tonight and need to be placed into a foster home. The infant has a cleft lip and palate. I'm not joking when I say my heart skipped a beat. I wanted to get the next flight over there and help her with this little baby. I can't do that...but I'm praying for them all and especially these little children...neglect, much hurt. So much pain. Breaks my heart. And that beautiful little cleft lip that I mourned over saying 'good bye' to...and someone just turned their back? Oh my heart...

Ok. random post. I know. My desk is messy. My heart is full. And hurting. I have lots to pray about tonight. I'm asking you to join me.

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