Tuesday, February 7, 2012

oh... a great big PS...

In the very beginning of this journey...it was Starfish Children's Home that God used to speak to us about adopting from China. It is run by an amazing lady named Amanda who has saved hundred and hundreds of Chinese babies lives....babies that would have died in the orphanages that she took in and selflessly served. I got an email today that she was diagnosed with cancer and they are desperate for help. Please pray for her and if you know anyone that can help PLEASE call Patrick.

Here's the email from the President of Starfish:

From the Starfish Board of Directors; Tuesday end of day EST, Feb 7th, 2012,

Dear Starfish Friends and Family,

As you know, our Executive Director and beloved friend Amanda has cancer, and is in great need of immediate, top quality medical care.

We need to get her to a modern facility /hospital in the United States or Europe as soon as possible. We are urgently asking each of you for a very specific kind of help.

If you or someone you know has contact with a top senior level administrator at a quality cancer center, please let us know immediately. We need to know if they would be willing to let Amanda come and receive the complicated care she needs - pro bono - as their way of helping a person who has given the past 7 years of her life saving hundreds of babies through donated, medical care. Perhaps they would be willing to now do the same for her. This can only be the very highest level of hospital contact - we are short on time and need answers immediately.

If you, or someone you know, has this kind of highest level connection to a top cancer care center, please contact Patrick McLaughlin as soon as possible, at:

917-494-7691 or paddymac0130@gmail.com --any time of the day or night -- time is of the essence.

Sincere thanks,
Patrick and the Starfish Board

Amanda de Lange
Starfish Foster Home

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