Monday, February 13, 2012

Sheltering Trees.

The two best parts of my day are homeschooling and bedtime. They are the ultimate bonding times for me with each child. Yah you think I'm crazy. True story.

So tonight at bedtime, Zion wanted to sing. We sang an older song: Sheltering Trees by Newsong.

After we sang it....I asked the boys if they knew what a sheltering tree was. Lots of cute conversation followed but after a few minutes I told them to imagine it was a big snowstorm and you were outside far away from home. I asked Zion if he saw a big tree what he would do. He said "run and hide behind it!" I asked him 'why' and he explained that it probably wouldn't be as cold and windy behind the tree. So I told them that's what the song was about. Friends...are like sheltering trees when they pray. They really entered into it. So before we prayed I told them tonight we were going to be "sheltering trees for each other". I told them to each tell me which boy they were going to pray for. With no hesitation they each picked someone and we began:

Zion: "God I want to thank you that you make NO mistakes. Mama and Daddy say the Bible says you are perfect, you never lie and you never did bad things or make any mistakes. I know that when you made Azlan with a cleft lip, it wasn't a mistake. You made him like that because you wanted him like that and I like his cleft lip. I like him like that. Thank you God. Thank you that Azlan and I play together and you made him special."

.... tears are starting down my cheek....

Chazano: "God thank you for Duka. I love him. He's my brother and we play together lots. I love him God."

Zunduka: "God thank you so much for giving me Zion as a brother...a big brother."

Azlan: "thanks for Chazano and how he plays with me sometimes. Welll...not really. He doesn't play with me very much...but anyways....AMEN".


Thank You for pure hearts in children and thank You for giving us the opportunity to be sheltering trees for each other. We pray for a young father with cancer...and his wife and three young children. We pray for a miracle in his health. We pray for peace. Sometimes blessing comes through raindrops...
We pray for a soldier in critical condition...for his wife...their families...
We pray for our friends Rachel and Jason in China. For all the emotions of being in a different country and so far away from their children. We pray for them meeting little Josie tomorrow for the first time and that You will go before them and prepare her little heart for all the things You have in store for her...
We pray for those that mourn...those that are in need...
Keep us on our knees. Sheltering trees.

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  1. Azlan's prayer-so funny and so cute. All of their prayers were adorable and heartfelt.