Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Big news...

We just got notification that we were awarded a $5000 adoption grant....!!

Ok now that my excitement has settled down I can post the details ;)

So when we applied for this particular grant the lady was communicating with me regularly and she said we would know either way by mid-March.

Today, Lifeline emailed me saying "how awesome that you were awarded a grant! We are thrilled for you, we have already received the check and applied it to the next $5000 of costs" and I called her going "ummm...did you mean to send this email to me...?" :) It was funny b/c she said the family always gets notified long before they receive the check...well not this time :)

A $5000 gift. Ahhh.

We recently had the run down of remaining costs and we are at about $27,000 remaining.

Now we can say about $22,000.

We have $1200 in the adoption account left from the last fundraiser as well.

Can I fully express how much peace there is in knowing this just isn't up to me...? Dean and I had a good talk on our way home from Seattle a few nights ago...and he said "have you ever thought ... what if Taizi has a very severe medical condition .. much bigger than what we think..?" We were both silent for a while. Me with a lump in my throat. Then he looked over and said the same thing I was about to say.... "well...that's why it's so awesome to know God called us to Taizi. We know that. We don't need to know more.".

Tonight we received our "Sevenly" shirts in the mail from Love Without Boundaries. Love. Simply LOVE. Here is the stat on the info card: "There are over 40,000 orphanages in China caring for over 3 million orphans. 2 out of 5 of these babies will die."

Mao Zhong Hua.
Tai Fu'An.

Two orphans. Out of the 'over 3 million'. 2 lives. Brought home. Saved.

To each of you that read our story...that pray...that give...
thank you.

Because of you....there will be 2 less orphans in China.

Thank. You.

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