Sunday, March 25, 2012

The gift...with no price tag.

Just Friday evening my sweet friend Rachel and I went out for a bit and I was pouring out my heart to her that it's constant surrender of my fear and anxiety about our travel to China regarding our children. Who is going to watch them? Of course you can't leave 7 children with just anyone. We would need to have the peace that this would be a fun experience for all ... and not everyone can handle 7 young children on top of their current plate. We don't even have a time to narrow down...we have an *idea* but not an exact date. We want to take Azlan and Izrael but yet we don't ideally. We are torn. The kids would be thrown off their groove big time with insane travel and time changes and culture changes and....all the illnesses they would be exposed to. With extensive research we made the decision not to immunize our children and there is an outbreak of Mumps and Measles that our kids would be exposed to (in China). Yes we can get that one shot but...there are still concerns. Then there's the very real fact that we are adopting children with special needs. I want uninterrupted time in those first days just bonding and loving our babies. Talking to Rachel about their experience in China, she has concerns for us going with our children b/c of how much time you spend running to and from appointments then cooped up in a hotel room with traumatized children. Soo I poured out my heart and teared up and told her how I just need to trust God that He will provide.

Fast forward just two days later to today. We saw a family at church that have a ton on their plate and are frequently not all there due to their kids volleyball games. Today we were all chatting. Dean with the husband. Me with the wife. She was asking about our adoption and how we are doing and again I just asked her to pray for me that I will trust God on this one stressful issue. She asked about it and we talked. Back up. They have 5 daughters. Age 7 ish to 17ish. Homeschool family. Very vibrant, we love talking to them. So...back to the story...we talk and she says "when will this be...that you will travel?" I state the problem, we don't know. November ish. We were told October so we are planning on November. November works better with our business schedule as well so if we are all ready to go in October we will request consulate appts in November. She lit up and said without hesitation "we will totally take your kids...all of them...if it's November. It's the one month we are 100% home and no volleyball. We'd LOVE IT!" (as her teenage daughters light up!). I thought I was going to cry!! The baby would be in baby heaven having so many girls taking care of her and all of our concerns with Azlan just wouldn't be a concern with this family. They live in a large house with a HUGE back yard and ..... the list goes on. As we drove away...she texted me and said "my husband and kids are ALL so excited!!"

There is no amount of $$ we could value this gift at. When we leave for a few days for business we pay $200 a day for a nanny (that's a friend whom we trust). 20 (give or take) days at $200 a day....? The heart and willingness to do this...the excitement in having a houseful of children ... and biggest of all the heart to help contribute in such a huge way to our adoption...I don't have the words.

One of the things that has hit me time and time again in this process is truly...not one ... not ONE of the people that have contributed to our adoption .. would I have suspected. You know when you tell someone your need HOPING and PRAYING they get the hint and that you really want them to offer...? Not even an inkling of that was there this morning. It never even occurred to me...not for a millisecond that they would offer or could fit it in to their busy life.

I think many people on the outside think "yah...Dean and Janice have done this before...they know they'll be supported b/c they were supported when they adopted the twins from Africa" for that reason I think it's important to say that there have been 2...yes... 2... people that contributed to both adoptions. I think that's amazing. This isn't about who we know. This is about God showing up and moving people to support His work. I can't tell you how many times when we receive a donation to the adoption that Dean or I go "who....?" and then just smile knowing this is not about us.

Never Once....Matt Redman. I can hardly sing it with a dry eye...

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