Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know you are thinking unexpected good things and ... that is so very true with this journey we are on...there are so many unexpected good things. Today is about an unexpected frustration.

Let me be transparent here...I really don't like when people rant and rave about every hiccup on their adoption journey. There are so many and God is truly in control of the details. It's such a ride of faith ... the unseen...the unpredictable. So this may seem like a contradiction...I'm frustrated today.

Background: Our Zambian adoption was independent. No agency. Me and Zambia. Yah. Yikes. So there were many hiccups and we had many "do-overs" with paperwork along the way and I expected it. I guess I don't expect that when you are working with an experienced agency.

Today: we received a letter in the mail from USCIS regarding our i800a. The homestudy needs revised. They letter goes into detail about how it simply is not clear what we are approved to do. Adopt from China? Adopt 2 from China? Adopt 2 from China with special needs? They want it concise. In a sentence. "This is what the Walker family are approved for..."

Ok.. our social worker no longer is a social worker with that agency. We have to track her down and have her revise the homestudy and resend it all. The frustration is our agency thoroughly examined it to make sure there would be no hiccups at USCIS. And here we are.

There. Said it. Feels so much better. :)

We do what we can when we can. He is in control of the details. Period.


  1. Janice, I went through that both times. Rebekah's expired and I had to resubmit my paperwork. Abby's was because of the special needs. However, my agency was very helpful in completing all the details. Is there anyone who can help you? Trust me, I can tell you hiccups, speed bumps and downright boulders that came in the way of bringing Rebekah home. As you know, it will all be worth it when those babies are placed in your arms. Are you both going to travel to bring them home? I would recommend it as traveling to China is challenging. But you have been to Africa so may be you will be fine. Lois Pike

  2. Lois~Yes our agency is great and they overnighted the correction see next blog post :) Yes I did go solo to Africa but that's far from ideal...we are both going together. See new post today for good news regarding travel:)