Sunday, April 15, 2012

2 years. Plus 1 week.

And wow.

We had a moment tonight. We had gone out for a drive for Dean to do an estimate on a job...combined with 30 minute stop at a super awesome playground for the children.

We came home and it was after bedtime. Everyone was getting a drink of water before bed and I plopped Zunduka up on the counter and gave him a lotion rub down to make his very ashy dry skin super shiny :) Then Chazano.

Zunduka stood beside me as they were all going upstairs. He held up his arms for a hug. I bent down and gave him one. He then said "" I looked up a Dean...wide-eyed. "what...?" "up...pick me up...." I picked him up....all 38lbs of him. He layed on my shoulder and wrapped his bony limbs around me in a tight bear hug. I was speechless and probably not breathing. Dean and I were just staring at each other. Dean whispered "don't let go...let him let go". He held on and said nothing. It had to be 2-3 minutes. I never said anything. Neither did he. I kept motioning at Dean a face of "Oh My Goodness......~!" Finally with as tight of a grip as ever I carried him all the way upstairs...he still never let up one bit. I brushed his teeth and put him into bed. As I started to pray for the boys he was just staring at me in this day-dreamy look...

Two years. Plus 1 week after he became my son. This is not 'just a first' this is a huge first.

My heart is full and the best part is....his heart is full.

So many people think the adoption journey is all the pain up until the big 'gotcha day'. Oh...that's just the beginning.

The last year has been wonderful. The first year was rough. Tonight was one I will never forget.

Zunduka Jacob....I have loved you when it wasn't easy. When it wasn't natural.

I love you my boy. I cannot imagine our family without you.


  1. oh my. Tears flowing down my face right now. Crying. With joy. I feel such a connection to these boys I have never met... I have prayed so much for them. For you. Thank you God!

  2. Janna's said it all ~ this post made my day! Will keep praying for you all and the journey you have ahead of you!

  3. So happy for you to have had this moment. xoxo- Carmel

  4. Tears!!! Thank you for this post. It gives this weary mama hope. <3