Monday, April 16, 2012

A corner was turned...

Tonight we had this crazy evening (but our garden looks amazing!)...and I was eating at the counter...Zunduka came up to me and said "mmm can I have a bite?" (you have no idea how out of character that is..!). I put a fork full in his mouth and he ran off. At bed time, Azahria was giving out the vitamins. I came in to read and pray with the boys and Zunduka said "what about my vitamins?" I told him Azahria already gave them out. He looked at me and said "oh she did but I told her 'no thank you' because I wanted YOU to give them to me..."

With adoption you just give and give and give and you never know if the day will come when love is given in return. Oh yes they would hug if you asked and smile at a whim....but never taken down the brick walls and let themselves love...genuinely...from the

Tonight our verse was from Isaiah. "Holy Holy Holy is the Lord almighty. The whole earth is full of His glory". We talked about the Glory of God. James MacDonald explains it like this: Glory is to God what wet is to water...and it's displayed all through the earth. So we talked to the kids about things in nature that make them go "wow...God is so awesome!" They all mentioned at least one thing. When we got to Zunduka he said "the Bible. The Bible makes me go "WOW God you are amazing"! It's God speaking to us!!" Then he said "and that you adopted me..."

ok. Zunduka. Ok.

Let the walls come tumbling down my boy...

Tenth Avenue North sings one of my favorite came to mind when I was writing this. Click on the link below and listen to the words...applicable to so many of us in so many different situations of life. I'm thinking in Duka's own little way he's feeling that freedom of letting the walls fall to the ground...

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