Monday, April 9, 2012

Dossier is sent to Lifeline!

Ok this morning was a little hectic.

First...I get sick about once every 18 months and today I was sick. Like hardly any voice, sneezing, coughing, sinus pain...sick. Lovely.

After Izrael's nap we headed out to meet Dean at Walgreen's for "passport photos" for the dossier. Taking turns staying in the van with the kids we each went in. Everytime we've done this the photos are printed instantly. Oh...not today. "Come back in 20 minutes". RRRRR.

So we part ways and I head over to our accountant to get proof of income and self employment statements from home. Well that's about 18 minutes drive each way and a 15 minute wait for him to talk to me.

I come back to Walgreens, pay $44 for the photos (And people wonder how the $ all adds up!~!!) and sit in the van....I open the photos to see that mine are severely blurry. Like not a little...but wow. Ok now I'm frustrated. I call Dean who's working nearby. He comes and talks to the manager...gets refunded...gets reprinted (I had 2 photos taken so they tried the second pose) Comes back out and he opens them to see they are maybe 5% better. AHHHH! So I had to go in and get them taken all over again...wait all over again. Meanwhile said beautiful 7 children that seriously have been angels for what has turned into 2 hours of being strapped in carseats in the van...are hungry. Izrael is now past nap time and is crying. Poor Dean was desperately needing to be at his job. But now there was no way I could go to Fedex and overnight the docs. So he did. :)

I talked to Lifeline and they said it takes about 2 weeks to authenticate the documents. Then another 2-3 weeks before China gives a Log In Date with the dossier and at which point we sit and wait for LOA.

Bottom line...we are waiting now til LOA and plan to keep fundraising b/c once this 'lull' is over...we have a lot of payments due til the rest of the process is completed.

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