Saturday, April 14, 2012


Last night when I tucked Tirzah (8.5 yrs) into bed she called me back into her room and said "I feel like I've been waiting for Heaven....forever...! When do you think the castle is ready? When do you think Jesus is coming back again? If it's not going to be until I'm an adult...I wish I knew...because everyday I hope it's that day...."

And I stopped and kissed her and said "it just might be" (smiling at how she's a realist like me..."just tell me how it is") and walking out with a warm heart at the purest faith ever.

When we read her the verse "I am gone to prepare a mansion ('castle' in her words) for you..." let me tell you she took it quite literally (and she should!)...and waits daily for the big reveal.


Chazano said today "I wish I was a bird!" I asked why and he answered "I'd love to be an angry bird and kill the pigs!" (ok you have to know Chazano to appreciate this convo ;).. I said " but then they and the pigs! How sad!" He looked at me and said "dying is sad for you? Not for me. I can't wait to see Jesus..."


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  1. oh, i love this! have to say, i completely agree with chazano <3 hug your sweet kiddos for me - praying for you all especially today!